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Austin A30 A35 Owner's Club International Rally 1999 Weymouth

24 years since Dorset has held the International Rally in Weymouth. Here are a few photographs from 20 years ago. Some of the members you may recognise, others will be less obvious. If anyone has any more photographs that he or she would like added then please get in touch. 

Weymouth Rally May 1999 Kim's Cars copy.jpg
24 years ago, Kim Henson managed to bring along 6 vehicles to the International Rally and clocked up over 1000 miles combined between them. Here is a picture of all of his vehicles from 1999. 2019 and Kim is hoping to break this record with somewhere in the region of 10 vehicles. He assures us that some of them will be Austins.......... 

They are, left to right:

My old faithful 1981 Morris Ital 1.7 HLS estate, worked hard for our family over 17 years; wish I'd never sold it; alas scrapped a few years later.

My 1972 Bedford CF 1800 motor caravan; acquired as a non-runner wreck and got it back on the road the week of the rally (Ian Aggas had bet me that I wouldn't get it there; just for fun, no cash involved!!).

Kim's Cars 3 Weymouth Rally May 1999 copy.jpg

Rachel's A35 estate Ozzie (at that time she was only 12 and this was before she owned the Austin; I gave it to her on her 15th birthday).

Elaine's A35 'Snowflake' (which we still have of course).

My A30 'Pru' (also still with me).

My A35 estate, 'Grasshopper' (still with me and still awaiting attention 20 years later; mustn't rush these jobs...). Sadly the Ital estate and the Bedford CF was sold, and to my utter dismay scrapped a few years later. We still have all the small Austins!

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