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The Rally itself was, as we had hoped, very well attended. With the brilliant weather, it certainly encouraged people to come along. After all of the months of planning it was a real pleasure seeing all these wonderful Austins driving in with friends old and new arriving. The trade stalls were another thing that we hoped would be good and we had no worries. Probably one of the biggest collections of spares stalls for many years as well as our invited local charity stalls who loved the Rally and meeting members. Personally, it was incredible meeting up with so many friends who I haven't seen for at least 18 years. So, Melanie Rowell, Marashean Mierzwa, Paul Lewis, Paul Ridings, Steve, Mary and Tim Neathey we won't leave so long next time? It was great to see Jeff and Kate Robbins back in the world of Austins. They still have Alice the A35 who is waiting to be resurrected. Jeff reminded me that the last time we met was in 1992. Incredible. Our opportunity to invite some of our local car clubs was a bonus. The local clubs are very active and we are always being invited to their events and to return the favour was lovely. Vehicles from the Transport of Yesteryear Club, Bournemouth and Poole Preservation Club, Bournemouth and Poole MG Club, Dorset Austin Seven Club and the Wessex Vehicle Club. We actually had a count up on Sunday with 120 A30s and A35s and 81 visitor's cars. Amongst all of the madness we did get the opportunity to look at some of the cars and there was certainly a good selection. Some of the Austins attending I haven't seen for many years and it was great to see Zak' Buddy at it's first Rally. Christine Chant had done a lovely job of restoring her A35 in such a short space of time and it certainly looked different from the last time I saw it. Melaine's Bilbo and Richard Woolmer's A35 which had only just been finished. Our Dutch team are always a joy to see when arriving in force, along with our French convoy. We even got a chance to celebrate Dorset Group member, Alan Armson's 70th birthday with an amazing cake that Teresa had made for him. 

Right: Alan Armson's amaizing 70th birthday cake made by Teresa. Click the image for a gallery

The dog show is always fun and well atended. Stan judged as ever

We do hope that you enjoyed our Jurassic Rally. As you know, we are just a small group of volunteers who have tried our best to bring you a full, enjoyable and entertaining weekend. I hope our efforts paid off? A special thanks to my Rally team, Stan Chatterton, Kim Henson, Jeff Carter, Keith Bennett, Len Jeanne, John Bellows, Derek Lewis and Steve Neathey. Plus our site team, Peter and Denise Legg, Ian and Shelagh Aggas, Colin and Ruth Hughes, Mike and Ann Farrell, Dave and Elaine Mallet, Theresa Stanley, Corine Lewis, Janice and Nigel Pestell, Pete Farrell, Elaine Henson, Chris Bennett, Alan and Barbara Hilling, Terrie and Shane Fenton, Chris Howard and Alan and Leonora Armson. 

Finally.............. Jurassic Rally 2...... The sequel!????? Well one day maybe.....

Rob Stanley. 

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