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Wareham Rugby Club

The amazing staff who are actually all volunteers at Swanage and Wareham Rugby Club really looked after us. Also, going by the lovely comments, I believe most people enjoyed the venue, catering and facilities. The large meals were a real treat and very welcome. As Anna, our catering manager, said "we are used to serving large, hungry rugby players, so we don't do small portions".......... 

Vintage bus tours and Swanage Steam Railway

Wareham Jeff (27).jpg
Wareham Rob's Inside (11).jpg

OK. Who's stupid idea was this? Jeffery Carter. Put your hands down..... now

Judging by all the smiling faces and wonderful comments. It sounds that our beautiful 1950 Leyland PD2/3 or KEL as she is known as, was a true star of the weekend. With her very quiet and calm engine ticking over on the Rally field she was filled with over 80 passengers for her two trips. A scenic tour going out through the Purbecks and up the steep hill into Kingston gave everyone an ideal view of one of the most scenic areas of the country. I heard that Nick, our bus driver/owner, drove her with great skill. The bus stopped at Swanage Railway Station where members could either explore Swanage town for an hour or enjoy the heritage Steam Railway. Swanage Railway did us a hugely discounted price but then the added bonus of unlimited travel for 3 consecutive days and still for the same price. The return journey was just as scenic as KEL wound her way back to Wareham. The amazing hot and sunny weather added to the experience, with our local Purbeck ice cream available to buy from a lovely restored 1960 ice cream trailer waiting for everyone. Our Dorset Group cake stall seemed to be very popular with people. With a large selection of cakes cooked by our Group members, it ran smoothly on both days of the weekend. Thank you to everyone who baked, served and bought. Our entertainment was set out so that there was something for all tastes over the weekend. Friday was the long awaited return of Radio Austin with Kim Henson spinning the discs. A great selection of 60s and 70s music as well as a few dodgy tracks. Agadoo, the Birdie song and the Gap Band? ......... Realy? Actually the Gap band was requested........... The person who requested it shall remain nameless. There were also opportunities to win one of the famous Radio Austin pencils..... !!!!!! I'm pleased to say that Jeff Carter, Len Jeanne and myself won ours through our live percussion sequence. Thank you Kim for a great evening.   

I was OK counting to three. The confusion came when I had to tap twice....... But I think we got there. 

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Wareham Rob's Inside (12).jpg

Kim and Elaine shaking their stuff. 

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Saturday saw a change of pace with our local band Krista Green and the Bees performing tracks from the beatles up present hits including their own songs from their latest album. They were accompanied by Tessasaurus Rex. Our lovely Dutch dinosaur who danced the night away Thank you Tessa for for a great laugh and for bringing dinosaurs to the Jurassic Rally. 

Tessasaurus Rex. A rare breed of dinosaur that was thought to have been extinct for many millions of years. 


Sunday was another change of tempo, this time with the Land Girls. Our lovely ladies from Poole with their 1940s experience of songs and entertainment really had the crowd drawn in. Another local talent was Dave Marks who performed between the Land Girls set with some more modern songs and with a great style. The Land Girls have a Facebook page. More details can be found by clicking the link below.

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