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Dorset Group News 2023
Sunday 1st January 2023 - Haselbury Mill 

The first event for a few of our Group members was a trip to Haselbury Mill near Crewkerne in Somerset. Unfortunately, the weather wasn't the best with drizzle most of the morning, putting off many exhibitors. But it was good to see Colin and Ruth Hughes with their lovely little 2CV.  The only A35 I saw belonged to the owner of the Mill. It looks quite tidy with an immaculate interior. The bodywork needs work as the 

 wing piping is missing but the tyres were inflated and all in all a good project. I don't know the fate of any of vehicles located in and around the Mill. At the time the owner was in hospital. Some of you may have read my story about David Lipski in The Austin Express. David used to own my A35 Frank. David also owned the little A55 that is very close to the A35. David sold it at the S.W.V.A. and hadn't seen or heard of it in ages. Left are a few photographs of the vehicles on show and scattered around the Mill.

Wareham Jeff (30).jpg
Tuesday 17th January 2023 Dorset Group A.G.M.

More detailed minutes of the meeting are published in the Spring 2023 Austin Express.

A brief outline from Kim. 

After a general discussion and reports from the group ‘officials’ on finances (positive) and membership (less so!), it was proposed, seconded and voted (by a majority vote of those present) that the subs for our Dorset Group will increase from £6 per year to £10 from 1st January 2024, to take account of increased postage and newsletter printing costs (now that the newsletter is once again normally being distributed in ‘paper’ form rather than by e-mail). 

 Kim Henson had been proposed, seconded, and voted in unanimously to take over as Chairman from Rob Stanley, who wished to stand down and who had specifically asked Kim if he would stand again as Chairman. 

 Kim outlined his vision for the Group for 2023, with emphasis being on consolidation and rebuilding the membership after several years of difficulties, notably relating to Covid. He also suggested moving the bi-monthly meetings away from the Hamworthy Club, to save a total of nearly £60 per meeting for room hire. 

 A revised Committee was then set up, with the approval of those present.  

 Keith suggested that he would draft a new constitution for the Group. 

 At the end of the evening, it was agreed among those present that enthusiasm levels were high as the Dorset Group looked ahead towards a new future. 

Tewkesbury Rally 2022-65.jpg
Tuesday 21st March 2023 Dorset Group Meet at The Cock and Bottle Inn 

The meeting started with many members partaking of food at the pub, which had been specially opened for us by the landlord Paul, for our meeting.

In due course a total of 24 people arrived, including two new potential members (who subsequently joined), and Kim welcomed Chris from Gillingham plus Jeremy from the ‘Far East’ (Southampton area).

During the evening there was a happy ‘buzz’ of conversation among those present, and Kim thanked Paul the landlord for kindly accommodating us for the evening, with no charge for hire of the meeting room.

The latest edition of our printed Group newsletter was distributed among members present, saving postage costs, and Kim thanked Jeff for his hard work on the newsletter and the Group website.

Kim thanked everyone for attending and for their positivity, re-iterating that during his year of Chairmanship in 2023 he was keen on rebuilding the membership base and encouraging members ‘old and new’.

Kim also thanked Elaine for her tireless efforts in contacting past members of our Group and for building paid-up membership numbers from 14 in November 2022 to more than 35 in March 2023.

In addition, Kim reported that Keith’s new draft constitution for our Group had been carefully considered by the Committee, but the overwhelming majority wished to retain our original Constitution, drafted in 1984 and still applicable.

At the end of the evening everyone seemed very happy with the get-together and enthusiastic about our Group’s future.

Kim Henson.

P.S. It is hoped that the Group may soon enjoy the bennefits of online banking. Watch this space

Bristol Classic Car Show 2020-15.jpg
April 16th 2023 British Made Car Club Run.

An excellent turn out for our joint run with the British Made Car Club. This year it was the turn of the B.M.C.C. to organise the route. Starting from the Pub Car Park, The White Hart, Old Romsey Road, Cadnam. Alas the sat nav sent me to the rear of the pub and by the time we had found the main carpark it was almost time to leave. So not many "before" photographs. We were very well represented after Dave Mallett had kindly taken on the challenge of organising us. Four Austins, one Volkswagon Golf convertable, one Renault Captur, driven by me (I promise that I will drive a British Made Car soon...... ) and one fairly modern Range Rover driven by my brother who had made the journey form Gillingham to join in. Other

vehicles included the obligatory Morris Minors, a very tidy Mini Cooper and a cracking Triumph DolemiteSprint. Despite a few us us getting lost during the route whilst following Mike Farrell we found the end point and enjoyed a lovely carvery. Many thanks to Dave and Dave Mallett. We look forward to next year when it will be our turn to organise the route. 

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