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Let's do a barn find display....

The idea came to me a while ago about having a barn find display after seeing Stan Chatterton's 'ORK' on a barn find display at the Great Dorset Steam Fair last year. The idea was certainly easier than it was to do. The vehicles that were going on display were either non runners or still needed trailering considering their condition. ORK, Mike and Dave's shared A35 van project, Pete's vintage bike trailer complete with a restoration project scooter, a couple of old bicycles and my old Ford Classic. For me this was a major achievement as it was the first time she had left her garage for 18 years! No brakes and flat tyres didn't deter us either. Hopefully everyone enjoyed the result of our efforts too. 

Meanwhile, on the other side of town, Rob Stanley along with Pete and Mike Farrell were bringing another vehicle to attend. Rob's lovely Ford Classic has seen the light of day for the first time in over 18 years. Despite several attempts at trying to get the Classic running unfortunately the Classic had other ideas. Rob hopes to get her running again soon and start on a full scale restoration. 

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Barn Finds Section

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Reg made its first International Rally in many years. 

Despite the little Austin being a runner and road legal, Rob decided to trailer the vehicle to the Rally. Owning 4 vehicles and only two drivers proved a bit of a hindrance. 


Reg just before Jeff had attacked him with 4 1/2" angle grinder. We had just bled the brakes and we had assumed the rest of the afternoon was going to be plain sailing.......... However. 

Wareham Rob's Loading Up (2).jpg

Left: Reg, about 10 minutes after Jeff had attacked him with an angle grinder...... The inner sill and the floor-pan will also need replacing and repair. Fortunately, Rob was able to source two new inner and two new outer sills at the Rally. Hand made by one of our Dutch visitors. Note: Never let Jeff loose with an angle grinder....

Pete Farrell just strapping REG down ready for the road trip

Purbeck Run 2016-16.jpg
Nice try Stan..... But really.....?
Wareham Rob's Barn Finds (10).jpg

For a while it looked like Stan's well used OKR was going to win every conceivable award at the International Rally. Including the Supreme class. Luckily over the weekend a few more examples of the marque arrived and ORK was consigned to the barn find section. 

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