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Dorset Group 2021 Diary January

Well here we are at the start of 2021 and it looks like this year could be very similar to last year. With all of the uncertainty with the ongoing effects of COVID19. Many shows and rallies are already being cancelled or postponed. Because of the ongoing situation it has been decided that it would be unfair to charge the Dorset Group Members the annual  membership fees. Therefore, all fully paid up members will not be charged for the 2021 subscriptions. Anyone who has already paid will be eligible for their membership to be carried over into 2022. It has also been decided that due to not being able to hold a Group A.G.M. that all committee members would be voted back on via an online poll.  

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New supplier for our parts


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As from the end of January 2021 Clayton's Austin A30 and A35 Spares have bought all of the stock previously supplied by Bull Motif.  

Dorset Group Car Run. Sunday August 15th 2021.

Seven Austins and two moderns met at the Fairfield long stay car park in Dorchester for our first car run in over two years. Despite the forecast, the weather stayed dry as we meandered through some of Dorset and Somerset's beautiful countryside. Unfortunately the Dorset Group were outnumbered by the foreigners (from Somerset and beyond) by four to three. Only joking, it was great to see a lovely turn out. Lisa Harcourt and her husband Paul bought along Lisa's lovely black, two door A35, Lizzy, from Sparkford. Zak Linham bought Buddy, his famous four door A35 from Taunton. Tim Neathey bought along his mini monster truck along with Steve and Mary Neathey travelling down from Bath in Steve's modified A30. Dorset was represented by Pete and Denise Legg in a van, Mike and Anne Farrell in another van, Dave and Elaine Mallett in a van conversion. With Rob, Teresa, Naomi and Naomi's boyfriend in a modern. I also bought along Nicky, Harry and Hannah in Scooby the Skoda. The car park at Sutton Bingham reservoir was to be the destination for our picnic. A chance for a chat and a coffee went down well and many would have been happy to have stayed there all afternoon. Mel Rowell joined us in Sutton Bingham along with Nicky's parents. Dave was particularly impressed with Tim's mini monster truck. Harry was very keen to have a ride in an Austin and Paul very kindly took him for a blast around Halstock. Harry was a bit concerned about the fact that the Austin didn't start with a conventional key. The indicators didn't self cancel, the handbrake appeared to be missing and the seat belts didn't self retract. But the smile on his face when they both returned made up for any Austin shortcomings. Upon entering the car park at Chard reservoir, it was lovely to see Doug Lockyear who had just recently replaced the engine in his little Austin and had bravely decided to join us with the Austin's maiden voyage with it's new engine. Some of the group decided that it would be a good idea to walk around the whole of

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the reservoir. Alas some of the land surrounding the reservoir is in fact private property. But everyone returned mostly unharmed. Mel and Lisa did almost get attacked by a killer squirrel though. A huge pinecone fell from one of the trees and missed them both by inches. I'm not too sure why everyone thought that I should accept the blame though....... All in all it was a lovely afternoon. Many thanks to all who attended. Hopefully it will become an annual event.  

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Dorset Group Night. Tuesday 21st September.

22 members turned out for our first group night in over 18 months. A great evening, great company and plenty of laughs. Rob had very kindly organised a quiz although Keith Bennett was unsure how many questions there were. Eventually it was established that there were 40 questions. A very well done to Alan and Barbara Hilling who managed a credible 20 correct answers. Despite Keith's pleas it was decided that his team hadn't scored 43 points. Rob has suggested that we may hold a Christmas meal at the Bridge House Hotel. Initial response was very positive. Rob will find out more in due course. 

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TOY Top o' Town Car park Dorchester - Jeff Carter

Nick Aplin had very kindly invited the Dorset Group Members to join him along with a large colection of vintage and historic vehicles at the Top O' Town Car park in Dorchester in December. The Transport of Yesteryear have a large membership and many braved the cold to show off their pride and joy. Vehicles ranging from a very early model from around 1903 right up to a very tidy Ford Sierra Cosworth. Many steam powered vehicles were also on display. Many thanks

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must go to Nick who had just about managed to find space for us and our vehicles. The turnout was the largest in the event's 16 year history. 

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