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Frank makes it to the ball

One very important job to do was to pick up Jeff Carter's A35 restoration project 'Frank'. With Jeff being snowed under with Rally bookings for the past few months. Frank's restoration had slowed right down and a very dissapointed Jeff had told us that Frank would not be attending our Rally. In true Dorset spirit, several of us offered to get Frank down to Wareham and in the end Kim collected him along with Colin Hughes with the end result being a very happy Jeff and Frank on display next to Rally Control. 

Kim Henson had very kindly offered to come down to Beaminster and pick up my long suffering Austin, Frank. So after most of the early work had been completed, Kim, Colin Hughes and myself left the rally site and headed to Beaminster. Fortunately we had to travel through Dorchester and we took a short detour into McDonald's. Kim was surprised as we didn't need to go to the kiosk to order our meals. Just a few taps on a screen and all was ordered.  Well we can teach an old Kim new tricks......... Heading back towards Beaminster on the A35 we noticed a damsel in distress. A lovely looking Ford Consul Lowline was parked in a dangerous position on the busy road. Kim pulled over and we

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helped push the car into a gateway. It turns out that the owner was German, but she lived just down the road from me in Beaminster.  Her boyfriend was on his way to rescue her, so we said our farewells and headed westward.  Travelling along the A35 towards Bridport really does show how lucky we are to live in such a beautiful county. The rolling hills giving way to deep crystal blue seas with he waves crashing over the 18 mile stretch of Chesil Beach which runs from West Bay to Portland.

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