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Group Club night September 2019

The September Club night was another chance to show of the Dorset Group members collections. Alas many members were unable to attend due to being otherwise engaged. For Rob, Theresa, Derek, Corine and myself the night started early as we had arranged to eat at the hotel before the meeting. After our meal Rob and myself went to get some stuff from his car and both were very surprised to see probably one of the most famous cars in the Club scene. 575 TMT is a very well sorted modified A35, now owned by a guy called Steve. Steve has owned the car for a while now and intends on doing a few small jobs. Some of the paint on the roof has just started to blister and some of the wiring loom needs attention. But all

in all this is still a beautiful car. It was good to meet 575 TMT and you to Steve. Rob brought along many of his magazines, memories and memorabilia relating to his beloved Ford Classic. Many of the magazine articles actually featured a somewhat younger looking Rob working on his car. Theresa had bought along a fascinating selection of old ink pens. Derek then announced that they brought back memories of his school days. Derek was the ink monitor at school and he was responsible for making the ink and filling the inkwells before school started. In fact Derek still owns some of the powder used to make the ink. Derek also brought along many interesting articles that he has obtained over the years. Many were salvaged from his shop when it closed down and was converted into flats. Huge door locks and keys, a small item that was used to hold a pinny closed and an intricate bracket that would have been linked to servants bells located throughout the property. Finally Stan had brought along a large collection of very early Spotlight magazines. Some of the advertisements made for interesting reading. Two brand new old stock rear bumpers for £3.00................ I wonder if they are still for sale? Lastly and very surprisingly Rob announced that he had a small job to do. Each year a Group Member gets awarded the Chairman's cup. This cup is

awarded to a person or persons who the Group feel have dedicated a huge amount to the Group over the past year. This year I was very surprised to hear that this year's winner was myself. To say I was speechless is an understatement. But from a personal point of view, I would like to say that it has been an honour to have met and worked with such a friendly Group. Long may it continue. Thank you. 

Purbeck Run 2016-22.jpg
Nuffy is alive and well

Please click the image for a full gallery. I have now spoken with Colin and hopefully he will put together a small article about Lady Jane Nuffy's restoration. 

Many vehicle pass through most of our hands through the years. Rob Stanley is no exception. His first little A35 was sold many years ago and he thought he had seen the last of it. One day Rob's curiosity got the better of him and he checked online to see if the old car was still in existence. Much to Rob's surprise the car did still exist and was in fact taxed. Rob was desperate to see the car again. It had left Rob's hand looking rather sorry for itself. Despite a couple of false hopes with someone or another finding a car for sale on eBay etc, nothing more was heard about the plight of Nuffy. Suddenly, out of the blue Rob receives  a notice from Nuffy's owner, Colin. Nuffy had now been renamed Lady Jane, but Colin has assured Rob that she will be called Lady Jane Nuffy. I think you will agree that the before and after pictures tell a full story............ Rob's obsession with duck tape is more serious than we had at first thought.  

November Club Night
Wareham Rob's Bus (7).jpg

For those of you who attended the International Rally 2019. You may have seen the vintage Double Decker bus on Saturday. Nick Jackson very kindly attended a meeting with our group Tuesday 19th November. Nick gave a fascinating speech and his love of his buses really shines through. He restore each and everyone to exacting standards and his attention to detail is awesome. Each aluminium is painstaking removed, templates made and new panels cut from 1.5mm sheet aluminium and riveted back onto the steel frames. Once all of the body work is completed the buses are then hand painted by a professional coat painter. Each panel receiving up to 12 coats of fresh paint.  If you would like to see more of Nick's work he has a Facebook page. Just type in Bear Cross bus Company. Nick also has a web site. If you see Nick in Bournemouth next summer, give him a wave. He really is a nice bloke.

Christmas 2019

28 Group Members attended the 2019 annual Christmas get together at The Bridge House Hotel in Longham. A great night filled with fun and banter. Derek Lewis along with Corinne produced another somewhat challenging quiz. This was made even harder when someone, who will remain nameless, made up a set of anagrams of English towns and cities......... Who knew that Blackpool is an anagram of OLPLOOKBAK......... Despite finding the error our team didn't receive any extra points......... I think we need an independent adjudicator next year..... Then we had a sheet entitled say what you see....... Luckily my team members had that sorted as it just made my head hurt. Many thanks again to Derek,

Corrine, Rob and all of the staff at the Bridge House. A quick note for next year. The ice cream was sublime. Alan and Arthur, take note........ 

St Edwards School Christmas Fair 2019

A small group of club members attended the St Edwards School Christmas fair. A lovely event in a fantastic school. 

TOY Top 'o Town Car Park Dorchester
Tewkesbury Rally 2022-86.jpg

A small group of us made the journey to Dorchester on a cold and damp December morning to support the TOY Clubs Christmas steam and vehicle meet up. Nigel and Janice with their A35 convertible, Mike and Anne with their Triumph Stag, Colin and Ruth with their 2 CV. Rob, Teresa and myself travelled in moderns this time. Another great day out with a great variety of vehicles and the chance to catch up with so many people. Thank you Nick for organising a great get

together once again. Some of us enjoyed a lovely breakfast in the Cafe. Highly recommended.....

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