Technical Tips

Many owners of Austins will have owned their vehicle for many years. Over this period of time, various tips and tricks will have been picked up. Here you will find a few of these that may be handy in the future. Please note that these are tips and tricks that may help. If you are in any doubt about your own ability to carry out such work, then please entrust it to someone who has the tools and ability to do so safely.

We, as a club, nor any member posting on here can be held responsible for any damage or injuries caused by following such advice. 

The first of these was posted on Facebook and it involved the bypass hose that connects the water pump to the cylinder head. The owner of the vehicle had noticed water dripping from the bypass hose and had assumed that the bypass hose had failed. However, once he had removed the bypass hose there was very little left of the steel pipe that is screwed into the cylinder head. Concerned that he would have to replace the whole cylinder head he posted his problem on Facebook. This is a fairly common problem and one which I have had first-hand experience of. The steel pipe is actually threaded into the head and can be replaced. Removal is often not as easy as it should be, but with great care, the old pipe can be drilled out and the cylinder head tapped with a suitable tap. The thread size is somewhat peculiar though, being 5/8" UNS (16 Tpi). A very odd size indeed. I have included a couple of pictures for reference purposes. If you need to borrow a tap and the associated drill bit, then I have one that can be loaned out. Please feel free to contact me if I can be of any use. The bypass hose attachment I bought from here: 

When refitting the bypass hose it is often recommended to use a solid hose. The concertina type shown in the picture can often crack and fail quite quickly.

Tyre Valves

Many people have asked what size tyre valve is fitted to some of our Austins when fitting a tubeless tyre. If the hole in the wheel is 5/8" across you will require TR415, These are also fitted to Land Rovers, V.W Beetles and FX4 London Taxicabs. They are readily available on eBay