Friday, Saturday and Sunday evenings the exhibitors were treated to a very entertaining evening

Several live bands, a huge array of food stalls along the fully-functioning funfair meant that

everyone, young and old could enjoy the whole experience. Saturday night as we headed towards the bar, the sun was just setting and a large group of remote-controlled aeroplanes were set to take off. Each one is brightly lit with fluorescent lights.  Watching these guys flying those planes at incredible speed showed a huge amount of skill, although there were a couple of casualties over the weekend. Alas, I didn't have my camera with me in the evening. But Sunday morning was another fine display 

South Cerney-73.jpg
South Cerney-71.jpg
South Cerney-70.jpg
Some of the other exhibits
South Cerney-106.jpg
South Cerney-107.jpg
South Cerney-101.jpg
South Cerney-98.jpg
South Cerney-95.jpg
South Cerney-105.jpg
South Cerney-104.jpg
South Cerney-100.jpg
South Cerney-97.jpg
South Cerney-94.jpg
South Cerney-103.jpg
South Cerney-102.jpg
South Cerney-99.jpg
South Cerney-96.jpg
South Cerney-93.jpg
South Cerney-92.jpg
South Cerney-107.jpg
The Austin A30 A35 Group stand Sunday

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