Silverstone Classics 2019 Gallery

The 2019 Silverstone Classics was an event that I shall never forget. Zak had purchased a spare ticket and was desperate for someone to join him for the weekend. Zak, Mel and Josh convinced me that I was the man for the job. Everything, for me, were all very last minute preparations. In fact the day before we were due to visit Silverstone I didn't even own a car. But luckily I managed to source Scooby the Skoda just in time and on Thursday 25th July 2019 I headed north to meet up with Zak in Taunton at around 10.00 am. A welcome cup of coffee and a few minutes later Josh turned up with his baby Austin. Josh had only just managed to get his car ready as he had previously bought my A40 front brake setup. Josh and Mark, his dad, worked hard and finally everything was set. Time to hit the road. Zak led the convoy with Buddy his little 4 door A35 followed by Josh and then me as backup. Well that was the plan. Alas Zak lives on a fairly major road and by the time I managed to leave, Zak and Josh were a long way in front. In fact it took about 20 minutes to finally catch a glimpse of Josh's A30 dashing up the M5. A couple of minutes later and Zak was soon on the hard shoulder. Josh had noticed steam or smoke emanating from Zak's offside front wheel. A quick check revealed that it wasn't a fire Zak decided that he must have just over adjusted the brakes slightly. So off we were again. That Thursday turned out to be one of the hottest days of the year and I was so glad that I had air conditioning fitted. In fact it was so hot in Josh's car that his cool box had almost defrosted by the time we arrived in Gloucester.  A quick bit of reorganising in Scooby and the coolbox was placed in front of my air con. Keeping all 3 vehicles in convoy worked quite well and we had an uneventful journey with Zak taking us through some stunning scenery. 

Above: Some of the Austins at Silverstone plus the bicycles.....
Above: In the first pit area and a couple of group stands
Above: Some of the racing action

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