If you have or are carrying out a restoration of an Austin A30 or A35 then we'd love to hear from you. 
FAS 195

FAS 195 AKA Frank is a 1957 Austin A35 4 door saloon. He was first registered 18th April 1957 to a Mr George Bowler in London. At the time his registration number was LHX 375 but alas he lost his plate to a number plate dealer in Bournemouth in the early 2000s. Frank spent many years in and around London under Mr Bowler's ownership but he gradually worked his way South. The original buff log book has many of the changes of address that occurred throughout the years. Franks colour was initially grey but as can be seen by the first of the restoration pictures that he has been repainted many times over the years. It is in fact it is because of his paintwork that I am now the car's custodian. More of that later. Frank has gained a 10988cc Morris Minor engine that was fitted in the early 1970s. I still have the receipt for the work that was carried out. In fact I have many receipts that prove that Frank was indeed a much loved car. Frank made a visit to the Isle of Wight for a short time before coming back to the mainland and being snapped up by a chap named Guy. Guy was the number plate dealer that subsequently sold 375 LHX. I guess the number plate being sold wasn't the end of the world as it is part of the reason he is called Frank. His full name is Frank And Stein......... I do own a German Stein that will be on show next to Frank when he is finally ready to be shown. 




My very own, long-suffering Austin A35 4 door saloon. Hopefully, he will be finished this year. Ready for the International Rally in Wareham.

If you have previously restored or are in the process of restoring your baby Austin and would like it featured on the website then please do get in touch. We would like as much detail about the vehicle as possible plus plenty of pictures. We like pictures. 

The Austin A30 formerly known as Reg is our chairman's, Rob Stanley's, 2 door saloon that he has owned for a few years now. He is hoping to get her sorted ready for the International Rally in Wareham.

Our Chairman, Rob Stanley, is making good progress with his little A30 formerly known as Reg. After getting her running again just before Christmas, Rob has driven her for the first time in ages. Rob now intends to sort out the brakes. Rob is also going the remove the front and rear indicator units and reinstall the original trafficators. 


Netley Marsh Steam Rally 2013.

Rob's A30 (RGN769) and his father in laws Don Bartlett' s A30 (UOD642). This photo was taken for the 2014 Rally programme

Update May 2019

The artist formerly know as Reg will be attending the Rally, but alas it will be arriving on a trailer. Rob had asked me to do some welding and help bleed the brakes. The small amount of welding now means Rob needs two new inner and outer sills....... I still feel bad now. Sorry Rob.